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Lesley has written many peer review papers (list at pubmed here), reports, meeting abstracts and posters over her career. She has presented original research at a number of international meetings and in 2015 won the President's Award for the best oral presentation at the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society's AGM in Montreal.

In 2012, alongside Michael Lang and Andreas Mollerlokken, she co-edited 'Proceedings of the validation of dive computers workshop', which was one of the most downloaded documents from the RUBICON foundation's repository in the following years.

In 2015, she and Andreas convened 'Ultrasound 2015', the International Meeting on Ultrasound for Diving Research, held by invitation of the Swedish Navy at Karlskrona, Sweden. The meeting hosted top speakers such as Ron Nishi, Neal Pollock, Alf Brubakk, David Doolette, Peter Wilmshurst and Mikael Gennser. The consensus debate was documented and published in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (available for download here)

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