S. Lesley Blogg (BSc (hons) PhD) owns and runs SLB CONSULTING

Lesley with regular collaborator, Andreas Mollerlokken and Alf Brubakk. EUBS ASM, Wiesbaden, 2014

Lesley runs SLB Consulting, from her home in the north west of England.


She started her scientific career with an interest in animal exercise physiology, working on the Atlanta Olympic games FEI acclimatisation study with Dr David Marlin at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket while writing her degree dissertation. She then moved on to Birmingham University where she was awarded a scholarship to study for a PhD investigating the central control of the diving response in birds and mammals.


In 1999, she left animal divers and took a sideways step to humans, working alongside fellow physiologists studying decompression illness and submarine escape and rescue strategies at DERA/QINETIQ in Alverstoke. At this time she also trained as a hyperbaric paramedic attendant and engineer, and so became familiar with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO).

After leaving the south coast of England and QinetiQ for France, and a spell qualifying as a snowboard instructor, she moved to Stockholm in 2002 as a research post doc at the Karolinska Institute and started her long-standing collaboration with Dr Mikael Gennser and the Swedish Navy. Returning to the UK in 2003 to set up home in Cumbria, her consultancy was founded and work continued with the Swedish, now focusing more on the needs of technical naval divers. Other collaborations were forged with Alf Brubakk’s diving group at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, which continue to date.

Alongside research, Lesley also helps non-native English writers with the language of their manuscripts and theses, and so the editing side of the business was born.


In 2012, she was voted the European Underwater and Baromedical Society's (EUBS) Member-at-Large, serving on the executive committee for three years.


At the end of that term in late 2014, she was pleased to continue her association with EUBS, being appointed the new European (Deputy) Editor of the Journal of EUBS and the South Pacific Underwater Medical Society (SPUMS),

'Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine' (DHM).

In 2015, Lesley and Andreas Mollerlokken, along with backing from the Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medicine Centre and the Scott Haldane Foundation, organised and ran the inaugural International Meeting on Ultrasound for Hyperbaric Research - Ultrasound 2015. With a impressive array of speakers, it was a huge success and will hopefully take place again in the future - from it came a consensus document on using ultrasound in hyperbaric research, published by DHM.


Lesley was first asked to help a colleague with their writing back in 2002 while working as a post-doc at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, she has helped many more researchers and students with the language of their manuscripts and theses. Not all clients need help with their written English, being very proficient themselves. However, they may be short of time to do that initial pulling together of their manuscript, so look to hire a scientific 'ghost writer', and SLB CONSULTING has provided this service on a number of occasions.

Lesley also works as a freelance copy-editor, proof reader and scientific writer for leading Med Comms agencies.


Aside from private work, Lesley is Deputy (European) Editor of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, an International peer review journal, where she is involved with the academic and language review of the submitted papers. She also copy-edits and proofs each edition of the Journal, alongside her editorial colleagues.

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