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SLB CONSULTING works with a variety of clients and partners, in both research and writing roles

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Dr. Blogg has been involved in diving medicine, health and safety research for many years and has published many research papers. She has extensive experience and professionalism in both diving and high pressure medical research as well as scientific reports and paper writing. Therefore, Dr. Blogg is able to provide very professional services for language editors of diving high-pressure medical research papers. I recommend Dr. Blogg's language editing services to a wide range of Chinese high-pressure medical research and clinical practitioners.

Wei-Gang Xu  M.D., Ph.D, Naval Medical University, Shanghai, China

I have had the pleasure of acquiring both the language editing services from SLB Consulting, and professional assistance with experimental work in our laboratory. Dr Blogg is a true professional, and she is always helpful in providing scientific advice but also practical assistance. We also ran an international workshop last autumn, that would not have been possible without the efforts from Dr Blogg. I can recommend her services to all looking for either language editing help, or in-depth advice related to hyperbaric sciences.

Andreas Møllerløkken, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

'SLB Consulting helped me with language editing some of my latest published papers, and those of associated colleagues. The language editing was good, and personally I prefer using this service since Dr Blogg is also a scientist and usually understands the contents of the text. I would recommend this service to my colleagues'.

Peter Lindholm, Associate Professor, Stockholm, Sweden.

'I have worked with Lesley Blogg of SLB Consulting on a number of experimental projects and have also employed the company's editing services. I have found the service to be helpful and to my full satisfaction in all respects.'

Lars Karlsson, PhD, Stockholm, Sweden

'Once again, I would like to thank you and SLB Consulting for the prompt response time together with the professional editing and translation services on my scientific research manuscripts and my thesis. It is a pleasure to work with you and I will gladly be recommending your company to others'.


Tryggve Hemmingsson, PhD, Stockholm, Sweden

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