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SLB Consulting offers freelance medical writing and copy-editing services for the MedComms agencies. I work with a number of agencies at present and am looking to increase collaborations. All work is considered, either on a freelance or contractual basis.


SLB Consulting offers ESL (English as a second language) copy-editing services for the non-native English speaker - send us your manuscript and it will be checked for spelling, grammatical and other formatting mistakes in preparation for submission to peer review.


  • Manuscript preparation, from kick-off to submission and post-submission management

  • Thesis proof reading

  • Abstract and oral/poster preparation

  • Power point slide preparation

  • Report preparation

  • Brochure text

  • Pre-publication editing

  • Literature reviews

All services are confidential and tailored to you specific needs - please get in touch if you have any queries or require a service not listed above.


We offer a fast and efficient service - all customer deadlines are strictly adhered to.

See PRICING for further information

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Lesley is a highly experienced researcher in the field of hyperbaric and hypobaric research, and has particular expertise in Doppler audio measurement of cardiac decompression bubbles.


The measurement of inert gas bubbles post-decompression is the most commonly used method of assessing 'decompression stress', whether it be for a new diving table, a new piece of diving gear, or a potential method of decompression sickness prophylaxis. There are very few fully trained and experienced independant Doppler operators around the World.

Lesley is also experienced in using ultrasound imaging for diving studies. She recently published a paper in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine, the Journal of the European Underwater and Baromedical Society, on the standardisation of Doppler and ultrasound methodology in the field of diving research.


If you have need of any help in this field, whether it be to design a study, administer a research project, carry out a literature review, help you write a grant in English, or even if you just need an experienced pair of hands to make Doppler or 2D Ultrasound measurements, then please contact us, as we may be able to help!


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